by Rachael Pineiro
(Brighton, CO USA)

I remember being in 8th grade playing the game 24.

It was a faboulous game in which there were two players who were shown a series of numbers.

The players then had to figure out in their minds how you can come up with the number 24 from the numbers shown.

The player to say ,"I got it!" first, would then explain the sequence they used to reach the number 24.

If it is correct, the player scores a point. The players to reach 24 points first wins!

An example a person could be shown would be 8,3,1,1.

The solution would be:
8 times 3 is 24, times 1 is 24, times 1 is 24.

There could be another possible answer, and as long as the total reaches 24, the answer is correct.

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