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Are You Protecting Your Skin?

Swimming suits, swimsuits or bathing suits are a major factor when it comes to your skin and sun protection. The more it covers your skin, the higher your sun safety level.

When I was a kid, there were some choices but no where near what is available on the market now.

swimming suits

So many swimming suits , so many fabrics and so many colors in different sizes. The selection is just enormous.

This could turn out to be much longer than a one hour shopping spree.

While shopping for bathing suits, it's very important that you consider the benefits of UV protection swimwear.

These are the kind of swim wear or bathing suits which provide protection from the sun's harmful rays and ultraviolet radiation.

You can also wear them along with swim shirts, sun protection clothing, or a combination.

The point is to protect your skin as much as possible, while having a good time too.

How about the quality you ask?

My niece bought some at one of these huge chain stores, but the stitching and the material was low in quality. They lasted her only a couple of months.

You can buy the polyester ones which can act as UV protection swimwear too (if manufactured correctly).

These swimsuits could last you at least a couple of years, depending on how often you wear them or go to the beach.

This kind of swim wear fades much less too.

Therefore, some of the UV protection swimwear could cost a bit more but will last longer for your money.

Swimming suits vs. swim shorts?

Swimsuits are normally made to fit very tight, so you can swim fast. I personally like them fitted loosely, but that's up to you.

Also, the one piece swim suits are preferred if you plan to do lots of diving and water sports.

They fit tight, protect your skin better and don't fall off.

In most races, the one piece bathing suits or swimming suits help you swim faster thru water since they are made of smoother material than your skin.

I know sometimes when the phrase "one piece" is mentioned, you might be reminded of the nineteenth century.

But these days there are many gorgeous and hot one piece swimming suits which beat the rest to it.

If you desire to look slimmer, all plain black will probably make it work for you.

Otherwise, black on the sides with bright colors in the center will work too.

Generally you can buy one size smaller, if you like it to fit tight without any drag.

Otherwise, you can always go to your local swimsuits shop and try one on. Most stores don't mind if you try them on.

Once the bathing suits get older and get stretched, they are called a drag suit. Some of you might actually use them in your races.

Swim shorts have a loose fit and therefore create drag while swimming. If you go to the beach or the pool once in a while, it's probably okay and the better choice for you.

swimming suits

Your skin might have a tan look to it (hopefully without the UV radiation side effects).

Then bright color swimming suits such as orange, white, yellow and even hot pink or blue will give your skin a nice contrast.

If you choose to reveal more of your skin then the two pieces or even the bikini might be just right. However, then you lose the sun protection on most of your skin.

It's just mind blowing to me whenever I see so much beautiful skin with so much sunburn.

How about a rash guard?

Rash guard looks like a T shirt, but covers more of your skin. You can wear it in combination with swim shorts, board shorts, bikinis, one piece or even a two piece swimming suits.

They are widely available as UV protection swimwear with high SPF (sun protection factor). Each rash guard can protect the top portion of your body, to say the least.

Always wear swimming suits along with some kind of sun protective clothing.

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