Important Sunburn Facts Treatments Remedies and Sunburn Dangers

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Sunburn must be avoided by all means. You might be under the impression that once the blisters heal and fade away, they are fine.

But there are long lasting effects that you should be wary about.


As parents, you must be extra careful with your children in their childhood years.

The effects do not necessarily show up right away.

Sometimes they take years before actually showing symptoms such as premature aging of the skin or a mole that was not there before.

Severe skin redness is a serious matter.

It could potentially lead to other skin problems down the line, including skin cancer.

This sun poisoning basically happen when the skin is over exposed to the burning UV rays emitting from it.

This is at its worst during the Summer time between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

However, you could still get a bad sunburn even when it's partly cloudy or overcast.


This could cause a lot of redness in the skin and pain that goes with it.

A quick sun burn pain remedy might be the use of over the counter pain tablets or aloe lotion.

Sun burn blisters indicate a severe sun burn.

Please check with your doctor right away if you have fever, nausea or other symptoms out of the ordinary.

This could be the sign of sun stroke or heat exhaustion as well.

Avoiding the sun is the best way to prevent sunburn. Otherwise, the use of organic sunscreen and sun protective clothing is greatly recommended.

Sunscreens help reduce the effects of sunburn , and block or absorb the damaging ultra violet radiation.

However there is a going debate about its total effectiveness.

This is mainly due to the fact that sunscreen blocks the direct DNA damage on the surface of the skin which is therefore responsible for the sunburn.

However if the sunscreen gets absorbed into the skin, it may not ultimately prevent malignant melanoma due to indirect DNA damage.

DNA is one of many molecules which the human skin is made of. They are naturally pre-arranged in a certain way in order to operate properly and maintain a healthy human skin.

But once the DNA gets hit by the UV light, it gets damaged and goes out of control. That could be the triggering point and beginning of skin cancer.

Malignant melanoma is one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer.

People with darker skin tend to burn less, since the amount of melanin is greater in their skin.

Melanin is the chemical which is responsible for fighting the damaging UV rays by way of absorbing or reflecting them.

If the fighting fails, the molecules that are damaged can react in an unusual manner and produce free radicals.

These free radicals can then cause disease right there at the burn sight, or travel to another part of the body and mutate.

Mutation is the cause of many malignancies. Malignant is the opposite of benign. Benign means it's not cancerous. May everyone be that lucky.

A list of sunburn treatment methods, reliefs and remedies:

• Stay out of the sun and wear loose clothing

Sun protection clothing is a must

• Use a cold compress for a severe sun burn

• Cold compress could be baking soda and water

• Use over the counter pain medicine

• Do not scratch the itch

• Use over the counter hydrocortisone cream

• Use an Aloe cream to soothe the pain

• Take vitamin E to decrease the skin inflammation

• Soak in vinegar and water

• Boil the lettuce in water, strain it, cool it in the refrigerator and then apply it gently to the skin.

• Place cold slices of fruits such as apple or cucumber

• Avoid hot showers in order to get pain relief

• Peeling is normal, let the skin do its job

• Drink Water

• Practice sun protection seriously

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