Are Baby Sunglasses Part of Your
Daily Baby Protection Routine?

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

The baby sunglasses are like your starter kit so you can protect your baby's eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation or UV rays.

Now that's just one way of having real baby protection.

That's if they must be in the sun. Otherwise seeking shade or doing indoor activities are much better and a big step towards sun safety and sun protection.

baby sunglasses

Their eyelids also get sun exposure as well as uv exposure.

Therefore these UV protection sunglasses protect the skin around the eyes from getting one step closer to skin cancer.

Why do Babies Need to Wear Sunglasses?

After they are born, their eyes are not mature enough to be protected on their own. The amount of melanin in their eye's Iris is non existent or not built up yet.

Therefore, Ultraviolet rays can enter their naked eyes even easier and damage not only their outer lenses but also the retina in the back.

This could set up the baby for all kinds of eye diseases and health issues in the future such as Macular Degeneration

Are They Easy to Put on?

Absolutely Yes. The days of dangling and losing them are over. There are new designs online, which fit comfortable and tight.

This way, there is no gap between the face and the baby sunglasses.

This means no ultraviolet ray or sunlight will sneak into the eye.

What is an Appropriate Rating for the Sunglasses?

They must have full spectrum 100% protection UV blocking from the sun's UVA and UVB bands.

If they have a UVC rating in addition to this, it would be a plus even though UVC ray does not normally reach the earth.

They must also be shatterproof, waterproof and impact resistant.

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