Kids Swimwear and Sun Protection

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Do Your Kids Wear the Right Kind of Swimwear?

Kids swimwear, children swimsuits or UV protection swimwear are just as important as sun protection shirt and UV clothing. All of them protect your skin from the sun's dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

kids swimwear

Kids will be kids and want to have fun.

However, your kids must be aware of the importance of sun protective clothing and wearing the right kind of swimwear while in water under the sun.

Your kids may not understand the complications of sun damage and sunburn.

Therefore it's your responsibility to make sure they wear sun protective clothing and SPF swimwear.

Kids get most of their sun exposure and UV damage by the time they are 18 years old.

This means that sometime between infancy and adolescence they are not practicing sun protection.

Please also read skin cancer for more information.

Are Your Kids Jumping in the Water With Their Skin Exposed?

Malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer is on the rise. Research has shown that the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays have a lot to do with it.

Currently in the USA alone, there are over one million new cases of skin cancer every year.

If your kids are planning to play and swim in the pool or be at the beach, they must wear UV protective childrens swimwear or SPF swimwear.

This sun protection clothing advice should not sound like a broken record, no matter how many times it gets repeated.

I believe kids nowadays are smart enough to grasp good habits of wearing sun protection clothing starting in their younger years.

Perhaps many of them are reading this page about UV protection swimwear right now. I truly hope so.

If the Kids Love Water and Swimming, Let Them Know That,

• It's safer before 10:00am and after 4:00pm

• It's the safest from UV rays by using indoor pools or gyms

• It's best for their skin to wear UV swimming suits or UV swimwear along with sunscreen

Childrens swimwear or UV protection swimwear Must Be Rated,

SPF 30 or higher


UPF 50 plus.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF 50+ insures that 98% of UVA and UVB rays get blocked.

Read the labels carefully, since some fabrics used for swimwear change when they are wet.

You must still practice sun safety.

What's the Benefit of All This to You?

• You know they are protected and not need to re-apply anything

• Chances of having children with skin problems are lower now

• Chances of having healthier kids in regards to the Sun are higher now

Is just a Good UV Kids Swimwear enough?

It's a good start.

But you must still,

• Apply a broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) sunscreen as needed

• Have them wear a sun protection hat

• Have them wear UV Sunglasses or baby sunglasses

• Ask them to seek shade as soon as possible

• Remind them to go in water wearing a long sleeve kids swimwear • Let them know that short sleeve kids swimwear put them at more risk

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