Do You Wear the Right Type of Swim Shirt

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Swim Shirt or UV protection swimwear are just as important as sun protection shirt. They all protect your skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays.

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The purpose of this page is to make you aware of the importance of wearing the right kind of swim shirts while in water under the sun.

Are You Still Going in the Water Half Naked?

The numbers speak for themselves. According to major cancer organizations there are over one million new cases of skin cancer every year just in the United States alone.

If you are planning a swim in the pool or the ocean, you must wear UV protective shirt or SPF swimwear.

This is serious stuff.

A good percentage of the skin cancers show up on the upper body, especially your back.

So if you are still going swimming bare back in the sun, please reconsider.

Because, when you are in the water or at the beach, the sun's cancer causing ultraviolet rays become more intensified.

They not only penetrate your skin in the water but also reflect off of water and sand from different angles.

Therefore you must wear long sleeve sun protective shirts so that your whole upper body and arms are fully protected.

But I Love Swimming, I Have to Do it!

If you have to do it, I understand.

How about using an indoor pool or a gym, where you can swim worry free from the sun day or night.

Believe me it's worth it. Your health is worth it a thousand times.

What's A Good Swim Top or UV Protection Swimwear?

They must be rated,

SPF 30 or higher


UPF 50 plus.

This way you will get the maximum sun protection factor (spf) or ultraviolet protection factor (upf).

Read the labels carefully, since some fabrics used for swim_shirts change when they are wet.

This means you can not just wear them and think you will be all fine. You must still practice sun safety.

What's the Best Practical Benefit to You?

As long as you have them on, you know that you are protected and not need to re-apply anything due to wash off, except where your skin is not covered by them.

What Are the Best Life Long Benefits to You?

• Delays Sun Damage

• Avoids sunburn or sun allergy

• Helps in prevention of malignant melanoma or other skin cancers

Always wear your sun protective swim shirt !

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