Organic Sunscreen or Natural Sunscreen

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How Does it Benefit You and Your Environment?

Organic sunscreen or natural sunscreen normally uses nature made ingredients. This kind of biodegradable sunscreen protection may be the best sunscreen for you and your environment.

organic sunscreen

This is so because biodegradable sunscreen can be broken down further into harmless products by the action of living things as micro organisms.

Your best sunscreen is using no sunscreen, but even I wear sunscreen protection because otherwise your skin could be bombarded with Ultraviolet rays.

One thing for sure is that it must be rated at SPF 30 and broad spectrum for both UVA and UVB. Please see UV rays for more information.

SPF stands for sun protection factor and any sunscreen with spf rating of higher than 30 protects a little better and not a lot.

Due to my sensitive skin, I use moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 85 which is lightweight and has a clean feel to it.

Though there are discussions about the actual effectiveness of a chemical sun screen and whether it contributes to skin cancers such as malignant melanoma.

As you can imagine while you dip in the ocean, the conventional sunscreen along with all of its chemicals washes off and gets into your ocean's waters.

This leads to partial blockage of the ultraviolet rays in the ocean and interferes with the coral reefs existence.

The fish are not any better off either.

However, you can help yourself and your environment by using an organic sunscreen which is biodegradable.

How Does a Natural Sunscreen or Organic Lotion Help You and Your Environment?

You try to protect your skin from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. But you must also make sure to use the best sunscreen that's on the market and at the same time not harmful to you.

Natural sunscreen does not contain all the chemicals which are present in the conventional sunscreens.

Some of these chemicals could get absorbed by your skin and interrupt the underlying skin's behavior and function. Please see skin cancer for more information.

Some of the Chemicals that could be a health risk to you include:

• Oxybenzone

• Octinoxate

• Benzophenone

• Octylmethoxycinnamate

Instead, an organic sunscreen uses a natural ingredient as a physical barrier for sunblock.

This means the ingredient does not get absorbed into your skin and starts working immediately.

Some ingredients in the organic sunscreen may include:

• Flower extracts

• Plant extracts

• Herbal extracts

• No animal ingredients

• Antioxidants such as green tea or grape seed oil

• Organic Aloe and Chamomile

• Natural moisturizers

And should be,

• Waterproof

• Ph balanced

• Hypo-allergenic

That's why you are always reminded to apply your chemical sunscreen up to 30 minutes in advance, so there is enough time for it to get absorbed into your skin. Some may even get into the blood stream.

As far as the environment is concerned, your ocean will be much better off without the tons of chemicals that could be washed off your body every year with no place to go.

So by using a biodegradable sunscreen as the best sunscreen of choice will help you as well as your environment.

However be careful about those labels and read them thoroughly, because the government does not require sunscreen manufacturers to test all of their ingredients.

By choosing an organic lotion or organic sunscreen, you are one step ahead in the right direction.

You are protecting your health, your skin against the cancer causing ultraviolet rays and also the environment.

For more information about sunscreen on the go, please see sunscreen wipes.

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