Sun Protection is a Fact of Life™™
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Sun Protection is a fact of life™

 "Sun protection true stories and tips on this site are
  such a great MOTIVATION for everyday folks like myself!" 

Sun protection must be practiced daily in order to prevent or delay skin cancers such as Malignant Melanoma. Your eyesight might potentially suffer from Macular Degeneration and other diseases too if you fail to practice sun protection and sun safety. It's easier than you would think. The market has responded and now there are multiple companies offering a whole variety of sun protection products for your daily use.

sun protection

This site is built upon real life experiences as well as information from experts who are deemed very reliable. Whether one life gets saved because of this site or many(we hope thousands!), then our time and efforts have been well spent towards a great cause.

However, this site is dedicated to saving many lives. The ultimate goal of this site is to inform as many people as possible about the dangers of being in the sun and therefore avoiding sun damage and skin problems.

There are many ways to start protecting your body from head to toe right now. This will promote a healthier you and healthier skin. The human skin is your largest organ after all.

It’s sometimes hard coming to terms with new habits, but you should accept them with open arms especially if they are good for you.

After years of being outdoors or driving your car in your daily route, you will discover that a little effort will go a long way in saving your skin, your eye sight as well as your overall health.

Every summer you can hardly wait to go outdoors, to play and have fun. But right now is the time to plan daily sun protection, because this is a year round and daily schedule:

sun hat

• Wear a protective hat

• Apply sun screen to your face

• Wear sunglasses

• Wear UV protective clothing

• Avoid sun tanning

• Wear driving gloves

• Apply tinted uv film to your vehicle's window

• Use a uv umbrella

• Lower your air plane window shade all the way down during flight

Close your drapes before you go to bed

• Arrange your desk so you are not right by the window all day

• Apply uv film to your home and office windows

• Always seek shade if you can, so you will be sun safe

Sun protection is your number one priority!

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So where do you begin?

• How do you protect yourself from the sun's damaging uv rays?

• How could your eyesight be in danger and not even know about it?

• Why do you see more and more people walking with umbrellas and it's not even raining?

• What is it with these very wide brim hats?

• How good are the sun protective apparels coming into the market?

All your questions and more, are answered in the following pages.

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Table of Contents for Sun-Protection-and-You™:

Sun Protection Information from Head to Toe Where Everyday Counts
Sun protection must be a daily routine. There are many ways which you can follow to protect
Sun Protection Hat is One of Your Best Weapons Against Harmful UV Rays
Sun protection hat or UV protective hats are your best chance to have UV protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays or ultraviolet radiation.
Sun Protection Umbrella or Sun Umbrella is UV Protection for You and Family
Sun protection umbrella or UV beach umbrella are designed to keep you protected from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays or ultraviolet radiation.
Sun Protection Clothing Benefits You. Would You Put Your Health at Risk?
Sun protection clothing or UV clothing is now widely available so you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and ultraviolet radiation
UV Sunglasses Can Keep Your Vision Safe
The uv sunglasses can keep your vision safe. There are flowers, trees, lakes, and oceans to be seen along with other natural wonders.
SPF Clothing and You. Is SPF Rating Just For Your UV Protective Clothing?
SPF clothing is really sun protection clothing with sun protection factor all in one. Normally, SPF ratings are for sunscreens but some companies tend to use them for clothing too.
Organic Sunscreen or Natural Sunscreen the Best Biodegradable Sunscreen For You?
Organic sunscreen or natural sunscreen normally uses nature made ingredients. This kind of biodegradable sunscreen protection may be the best sunscreen for you and your environment.
Swim Shirt or Swim Shirts Are Part of UV Protection Swimwear and SPF Swimwear
Swim Shirt, Swim Shirts or UV protection swimwear are just as important as sun protection shirt. They all protect your skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays.
Swimming Suits Are the First Line of Defense in the UV Protection Swimwear Arena
Swimming suits, swimsuits or bathing suits are a major factor when it comes to your skin and sun protection. The more it covers your skin, the higher your sun safety level.
Baby Sunglasses and Baby Protection Against Harmful UV Rays Are a Must
Baby sunglasses are like your starter kit so you can protect your baby's eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation or ultraviolet rays. Now that's real baby protection.
Infant Swimwear or Baby Swimwear With UV Protection As the Ultimate Defense
Infant swimwear or baby swimwear with UV protection are just as important as any sun protection hat or UV protection hat that you use for them.
Kids Swimwear, Childrens Swimwear or UV Protection Swimwear and SPF Swimwear?
Kids swimwear, childrens swimwear or UV protection swimwear are just as important as sun protection shirt and clothing. All of them protect your skin from the sun's dangerous ultraviolet radiation.
Beach Umbrella is Extra Sun Protection for You and Your Skin
Beach umbrella must be part of your sun protection system every time you head out to the sun exposed beach. Nowadays they are designed to be an excellent sun protection product to keep you from UV
Patio Umbrella Is Perfect Sun Protection for You While at Home
Patio umbrella must be part of your sun protection system at home every time you plan to spend time outside in your back yard or patio.
Solar Film for Windows Blocks up to 100% of the Ultraviolet Rays
Solar film for windows is available in a variety of shades or tints. This provides you sun protection and also up to 100% blockage of the skin cancer causing ultraviolet rays.
Skin Cancer, UV Rays, Melanoma and the Sun Are Your Worst Enemy
Skin cancer is on the rise and melanoma is the deadliest one of its kind. Research has shown that too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation or UV rays is the major cause.......
Malignant Melanoma and Sun Protection, Are You at Risk?
Malignant melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. However, if it's caught in time the cure rate is very high. How does it happen and why?
UV Rays, Radiation and UV Index, If I Knew the Dangers That I Know Now
uv rays and protection must be a daily routine. In our world of ever decreasing ozone layer, it's crucial to become aware of all the dangers and side effects of UV. Here are the facts.....
Sunburn Treatment Relief and Remedies - Are You at Risk Later In Life
Sunburn must be avoided by all means. Some people are under the impression that once the sunburn heals and fades away they are fine. But there are long lasting effects.......
Sun Allergy Could Be the Result of Not Having Proper Sun Protection
Sun allergy could be triggered by sun exposure when you are not wearing any sunscreen, sun protective clothing or UV hat.
Vitamin D Deficiency and Sun Protection Relation, Who Needs It?
Vitamin D deficiency, benefits and side effects are the center of debate since some people who get too much UV exposure could end up with skin cancer and those who don't get any sunlight..............
Macular Degeneration and Sun Protection, Are You Protecting Your Eyes From UV?
Wet macular degeneration is one of the worst eye diseases around. Here is what you need to know with the hope of preventing macular degeneration.
Indoor kids Games Are Safer than Outdoor Games for Kids Due To Sun Protection
Kids games are an integral part of a kid's daily life. Therefore games for kids to play, must be planned around a daily sun protection routine.
Sun Protection Blog
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Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery is Essential for Sensitive Areas of Your Skin
Mohs skin cancer surgery is performed by trained surgeons and dermatologists. This is essential when saving every millimeter of your skin makes a difference.
Sun Protection Clothing Is One of the Best Inventions of Our Time!
Sun protection clothing is truly one of the lesser known inventions to the general public. However, if you are reading this you are already on your way.
SPF Clothing is Your Best Friend Whether Traveling Abroad or Sightseeing at Home
SPF clothing protects your skin all day long, without the need to re-apply anything except where your skin is exposed such as your face and hands.
Plus Size Bathing Suits
Plus size bathing suits shopping can be tricky if you're a plus size teen or young woman.
Sun Protection Clothing Details
It is time to start thinking about sun protection clothing. Clothing that is light weight and made of tightly woven fabric provide the maximum comfort and sun protection.
Sun Protective Clothing Benefits
The good news is that sun protective clothing is available to protect us from the dangerous UV Rays.
Sun Block Clothing
Sun block clothing or sun protective clothing, are clothes specifically designed to keep dangerous ultraviolet radiation from reaching your skin.
SPF Clothing
SPF clothing stands for sun protection factor clothing. They are clothes that are stitched together using tight fabrics in order to block out ultraviolet rays from the sun.
Protect Yourself with Sun Clothing
Sun clothing absorbs some of the harmful radiation, and converts it to heat.
Sun Protection Shirt Benefits
Sun protection shirt provides for 95% to 99% protection for your body. You will never have to worry about skin damaging ultraviolet rays penetrating your covered body parts
Sun Protective Shirts Tips
When choosing the right sun protective shirts, you must go for what are comfortable, breathable, and easy to care for, affordable and certified UPF products.
Sunscreen Clothing 101
Who thought that sunscreen clothing are only for athletes, outdoorsmen and other people who spend a great deal of time under the sun.
UV Protection Clothing Best Uses
When coupled with the appropriate UV protection clothing, your liberal applications of sunscreen and sunblock will provide more protection than ever.
Sun Protection Ezine
sun protection ezine is where you will important news and information about sun protection.
Signs of Skin Cancer and How to Find Them
The signs of skin cancer can creep on you and turn into a major problem, if you don't know how to find them. You can do self exams many times to find these signs.
Skin Cancer and Tanning Beds Information to Safeguard You and Your Family
The link between skin cancer and tanning beds has long since been known and yet there are still so many people who tend to ignore all the warnings.
Skin Cancer Awareness and Child Safety
Skin cancer awareness has certainly improved in recent years and yet the number of people suffering from melanoma has continued to increase at an alarming pace.
Skin Cancer Facts Everyone Should Know About
Familiarizing yourself with skin cancer facts is something which everyone can benefit from, considering that basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma, the three types of skin cancer
Skin Cancer in Dogs
Unfortunately, skin cancer in dogs is something which very few dog owners even think about, and it's hardly surprising really when you consider that so many people aren't even aware of the fact that
Skin Cancer Melanoma
Skin cancer melanoma is without a doubt the most deadly form of skin cancer, but fortunately it only accounts for approximately 3% of skin cancer cases, but then again, one needs to bear in mind that
Skin Cancer Moles
Skin cancer moles are in many cases the first sign of skin cancer and this is why health professionals always advise people to examine their bodies on a monthly basis
Skin Cancer Signs Everyone Should Look Out For
Skin cancer signs are something which everyone should familiarize themselves with, especially when you consider that the number of skin cancer cases around the world is increasing rapidly
Skin Cancer Warning Signs
Skin cancer warning signs are certainly not what most of us would like to see, but at least they can alert us that something is out of order.
Squamous Cell Skin Cancer
Squamous cell skin cancer is just one type of skin cancer, but just as with the other forms of the disease, this type is also the usually caused by excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays
Symptoms of Skin Cancer
Knowing the symptoms of skin cancer could very well end up saving your life because as you may already know, early detection is the key to successful treatment.
Nose Skin Cancer - Check, Save and Protect Your Nose
You must not dismiss nose skin cancer if you believe that you may have it. The reasons are very obvious, of course, as skin cancer in any part of your body is a dangerous thing to possess.
Prevention of Skin Cancer: Whys and Hows Answered
The prevention of skin cancer is a very easy thing to do. But still, so many individuals fail to adopt the necessary measures and, hence, end up with the disease.
Skin Cancer Research on the Vitamin D Dilemma
Year after year, skin cancer research conducted by the science community continues to provide more and more life-saving information about the disease.
Skin Cancer Risks under Your Complete Control
Few of the skin cancer risks cannot be controlled no matter how much we want to. After all, we have no control over our inherited genes and our advancing age as well as the appearance of our moles
Skin Cancer Cells - Ways to Kill Them
When it comes to skin cancer cells, medical science continues to make new discoveries on the ways and means to kill them.
Skin Cancer from Tanning Beds - Studies and Legislation
For the tanning industry, skin cancer from tanning beds is almost impossible for two misleading rationales.
Skin Cancer on the Face Affects Not Just Your Beauty
Skin cancer on the face is something that should not be dismissed as just blemishes on your cheeks, nose and forehead.
Skin Cancer on Nose - Sniff out the Facts
Skin cancer on nose is on the rise, which is unfortunate considering that it can be prevented by a few simple measures.
Skin Cancer Reconstruction in Your Recovery
Amidst your anxiety, skin cancer reconstruction is indeed good news. Despite the lesions, bumps and nodules that may have appeared on your skin due to cancerous cells, reconstructive surgery can
Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery as Your Lifeline to a Normal Life
Luckily for us, skin cancer reconstructive surgery is here. It restores the normal appearance and function of the skin affected by the disease, which definitely goes a long way toward boosting morale
Malignant Melanoma Skin Cancer is Preventable
When you hear the words malignant melanoma skin cancer, you will most probably be afraid. All you will hear are the words "malignant" and "cancer" repeating over and over again in your shocked mind.
Melanoma Skin Cancer Is Treatable Given Certain Conditions
For people diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer, it might seem that successful treatment is next to impossible.
Sign of Skin Cancer - What to Do and Where to Go
At the first sign of skin cancer, you should immediately seek competent medical opinion. You must never ever wait for the symptoms to get worse than it already is
Skin Cancer Awareness Month
In the United States, Skin Cancer Awareness Month is usually celebrated during the month of May.
Skin Cancer Doctor - Qualifications to Look for and Questions to Ask
The right choice of skin cancer doctor can spell the difference between success and failure in treatment.
Skin Cancer Surgeon ’s Role in Your Treatment
Undoubtedly, your skin cancer surgeon plays a significant role in your successful treatment. Thus, the importance of choosing the right medical professional cannot be overemphasized
Sunglasses offer Reliable Sun Protection
Sunglasses, sun tan lotion and sun block lotions are the top commodity during summertime. As the long stretch of sunny days begins, so are longer hours of sun exposure.
Magnetic Clip on Sunglasses
Many people that wear prescription glasses also have magnetic clip on sunglasses. These are the latest in fashion and much more secure than the old clip-on style of sunglasses.
Military Sunglasses
Military sunglasses have been in existence for many years, particularly in the Air Force since they have long used very dark tinted lens as a way to help fight the glare during high altitude flights.
Perscription Sunglasses
If you wear glasses, you may consider investing in perscription sunglasses, that way you have your regular glasses for indoors and a special prescription pair to protect your eyes when outdoors.
Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses
Polarized bifocal sunglasses are a great option if you wear bifocals and you spend time reading outdoors. Many people love to read outdoors and this is wear these glasses come in handy.
Reader Sunglasses
If you normally wear bifocals or have trouble seeing fine print, you might want to look into reader sunglasses.
Reading Sunglasses
Reading sunglasses are quite necessary for many people to wear, since they spend a great deal of time outdoors.
Retro Sunglasses
Have you noticed lately that many actors and actresses are wearing retro sunglasses? Of course, when the public begins to see stars wearing a specific fashion, they begin to copy it.
Safety Sunglasses for Protecting Your Eyes
You need safety sunglasses to shield your eyes in certain jobs situations. Jobs that have you work outdoors such as construction, road work or lawn care, are cause for you to wear these sunglasses.
Ski Sunglasses Offer Skiers UV Protection on the Slopes
The ski sunglasses give the skiers more than just clear vision on the slopes. They also provide them with uv protection.
UV Protection Sunglasses - Why to Wear Them
Good uv protection sunglasses safeguards your eyes against damage from the sun. The sun's rays cannot only damage your vision but cause eye diseases to happen too.
Wholesale Designer Sunglasses Will Do More than Save You Money
The wholesale designer sunglasses today will do more than just save you money. Many of them give your eyes the uv protection that is so important for them to have.
Wrap Around Sunglasses for Even More Protection
The wrap around sunglasses cover more of your eye area and therefore can give you more uv protection if they are made right. The lenses conform to the face more than regular sunglasses.
UV Eye Protection is a Must
The uv eye protection provided in sunglasses is a must today if you want healthy eyes. More than ever before, we understand the negative effects that the sun's rays can have on our eyes.
Solar Shield Sunglasses for Convenient Protection
The solar shield sunglasses slide on right over your prescription glasses. This makes them very convenient and cheaper than prescription sunglasses.
Light Up Sunglasses are Just for Novelty Use
The light up sunglasses that you have seen at parties, are a lot of fun, but they are not good uv protection. These are just for fun to wear to special events like parties or to play in.
Running Sunglasses Can Do More Than Help Your Performance
The running sunglasses should be worn by you when you run on a daily basis or in marathons to protect your eyes. If your eyes get tired you might not run as well for one thing.
Pictures of the Sun from Around the World
Pictures of the sun give you a glimpse of what is waiting for you out there.
Pictures of Sunset from All Over the Globe
Pictures of sunset not only give you a sense of calmness, but also bring out the romance in both of you.
Picture of the Sun from Your Town or Island
Picture of the sun is great to look at, but never endanger your eyes by looking at the sun directly.
Pictures of Sun at Sunset from Great Spots in the World
Pictures of sun can create a fascinating ambience which is unmistakable with any thing else.
Picture of Sunset from All Over Israel
Picture of sunset may bring closure to a very long day, but a happy one.
Using a Sun Shade Canopy in your Sun Protection Strategy
The device known as a sun shade canopy has witnessed a very significant rise in popularity in recent years.
A Sun Canopy: Comprehending the Inherent Qualities
A sun canopy is the perfect instrument for protecting your family from the adverse effects of the sun.
Using Sunglasses for Kids to Protect Your Child's Susceptible Eyes
Sunglasses for kids are extremely important because their eyes are not as well protected naturally as adults' are.
Sun Sensitivity in Humans
Sun sensitivity is a subject that has drawn a lot of attention from scientists and common man alike for a long time now.
Toddler Water Shoes Timely Benefits
Toddler water shoes are one of the most important things you should equip your child with, if you are planning to take your child to some water park or beach.
Sun protective hats offer a safe and smart choice to protect your skin
Sun protective hats are ideal if you love the outdoors and like to hike, swim, fish, travel, or simply laze around on a hammock in the sun.
A tilly hat is the perfect fashion item for any weather
A tilly hat can show your taste in top quality and fashion. If you have been replacing your hats regularly or feel people smirking behind your back when you walk out with your hat on your head,
A tilley hat can be your head's best friend
A tilley hat can be your head's best friend. Whether your head remains exposed to the sun when you walk or lie lazily on a beach or when you slash your way through an exciting jungle trip.
Tilley hats are truly hats for all seasons
Tilley hats are truly hats for all seasons if you want to choose from hats that not only catch the attention of everyone around you but also offer ultimate comfort to your head in all types of weather
A Tilley winter hat can make you look hot enough to bite in the biting cold
If you wear a Tilley winter hat because you love wearing hats then you can continue your passion even when it is cold outside.
Womens sun hats combine fashion with function
Womens sun hats combine fashion with function to offer optimum sun protection in a chic way.
Tilly hats offer enduring protection in all types of weather
Tilly hats will offer protection in all types of weather. Your love for outdoor activities can keep you in good health provided you remain safe from over-exposure to the harmful effects of nature .
Wear a trilby hat for stylish protection
Buying a trilby hat for stylish protection means that you want others around you to know that you have truly arrived in style while also protecting your head from harmful UV rays at the same time.
Visor hats can cover your basic sun protection needs
Visor hats can cover your basic sun protection needs if you are not able to wear wide brimmed hats.
A womens sun hat helps you beat back the sun in style
You should wear a womens sun hat if you are a woman that wants to remain protected from the stinging sun without sacrificing your style quotient.
Get Shade Fabric for the Best Protection
When it comes to shade fabric, you will find that there is not much better in protecting you against the harmful UV rays than simply hiding from the sun altogether.
Solartex : Protect Yourself for A Long Life
When thinking of solartex, you should be thinking about ultimate skin protection. But think deeper than this. This is not just about protecting your skin but rather about protecting your life.
SPF Clothes Can Help with Skin Sensitivity
There is more to SPF clothes than you might think. Even if you have all of the sunscreen you could ever want, you are going to still need to make sure that you are taking extra precautions.
SPF Rating Helps You Protect Your Family
You need proper SPF rating in order to make sure that you and your loved ones are getting all of the protection that you possibly can.
Sun Guard Clothing is More Important Than You Think
When it comes to Sun Guard clothing, it is important to make sure that you are learning all of the facts.
Sun Shirts Are For More Than Just The Beach
If you think sun shirts are just for the beach, you have a lot to discover. Protecting yourself and your family from the harmful UV rays is something that you have to do everyday, without fail.
Sunblock Clothing is For The Whole Family
When it comes to sunblock clothing, you are going to find that some pieces of clothing are going to be better than others.
UV Clothing Will Protect Your Family
You need UV clothing if you want to make sure that your family is as protected as they could possibly be.
UV Natural Sunscreen is Important for Ultimate Protection
Things such as UV natural sunscreen are things that you simply do not want to ignore.
UV Protection Shirt Makes All the Difference
For the best protection, a UV protection shirt is the best option. Of course, you will need to take additional steps as well.
Melanocyte and Its Relationship to Skin Cancer
In medical terms, a melanocyte is the normal skin cell responsible for the production of melanin. Everybody has melanin in their skin, hair and parts of the eye since it provides color to these areas.
Melanoma Prevention : Importance and Insights
Information on melanoma prevention has come too late for the tens of thousands of Americans diagnosed with the deadliest form of skin cancer.
Natural Sunscreen - Benefiting, Finding and Applying It
A natural sunscreen is a must-have item in everybody's personal grooming kit for obvious reasons.
Preventing Skin Cancer in Children
Preventing skin cancer in children is an important responsibility for parents and guardians. You will hear horror stories of how skin cancer in adulthood can be traced back to sunburn during childhood
Scalp Sunscreen for the Head, Bald or Not
A scalp sunscreen may seem preposterous to many people since the scalp is protected by the hair and headgear.
Sunscreen Facts You Must Know for Your Life's Sake
Sunscreen facts are must-know information for everybody with sun exposure in their plans. Unless you intend to live in a cave, a bomb shelter and other enclosed areas, these facts must be learned
Sunscreen Ingredients and Their Effects on the Skin
Sunscreen ingredients are often overlooked when buying the foremost sun protection product in the market today. This is not a surprise since we only look at the sun protection factor (SPF)
Mens Sun Hats by Tilley
Mens sun hats are a must for all men who spend a great deal of time outdoors. The sun's rays can be harsh and a simple baseball cap that you may be used to wearing isn't going to provide you the sun
Packable Hats You Can Take with You
Packable hats have the edge over sun hats that are not packable - particularly for those who travel a lot. If hats aren't able to be crushed down, they take up a lot of space in suitcases or carry-on
SPF Hats Provide the Ultimate Sun Protection
Shopping for SPF hats should be at the top of your list if you spend a lot of time outdoors. The UV rays from the sun can be damaging to the skin if it's not protected.
Straw Sun Hat for Men, Women and Children
A straw sun hat is the perfect accessory for those hot summer days. A good straw hat will be able to protect your head and face from the harmful UV rays that the sun provides for us on a daily basis.
Summer Hat - 4 Reasons Why Every Child Should Have One
A summer hat is not only a cute accessory but it also serves an important purpose, as long as you shop carefully.
Sun Hats for Women that Are Stylish and Affordable
There are plenty of sun hats for women that are very affordable as well as stylish. You don't have to bust your budget to get your hands on a hat that provides excellent sun protection.
Teenage Girls Bathing Suits : Choosing the Best One
Choosing the best teenage girls bathing suits will mean that the purchaser has to bear a number of things in mind. One very important thing that needs to be taken into account when looking at bathing
Men Swimwear Gives Double Benefits of Style Plus Protection
When choosing men swimwear for themselves men might not be as fussy as women, but they would surely love to look cool, macho and stylish at the same time. If you are a guy that wants to ensure that
Protective Swimwear Need Not Look Drab
Are you afraid of wearing protective swimwear with a fear in your mind that you might only end up covered from head to toe in dull clothing? You are surely mistaken, then.
A Rash Guard Shirt Can Truly Save Your Skin in More Ways Than One
A rash guard shirt can truly save your skin in more ways than one if you are an avid surfer that has experienced painful skin blisters due to chafing and have also become aware of the dangers
Rash Guard Shirts Can Help Avoid Skin Rashes
Rash guard shirts can help avoid skin rashes caused by chafing on your surf board or those caused by the harsh rays of the sun beating down on your body.
SPF Swimwear Can Help Keep Harmful UV Rays at Bay
Spf swimwear can help keep harmful uv rays at bay while allowing you to enjoy rays of envy from other people on the beach. Whether you are an avid surfer or swimmer or just love the ambiance
Sun Protective Swimwear Can Protect Your Skin in Style
Always protect your skin with sun protective swimwear that can keep uv rays at bay in a stylish way. While you might have fun strolling on a beach or swimming in the sea, your skin might be getting
Swim Shirts Prevent Much More Than Skin Rashes
You should realize that swim shirts prevent much more than skin rashes and can protect your skin from multiple attacks in the long run. If you have avoided protecting the upper half of your body
UV Protection Swimwear Overview
You need to wear uv protection swimwear so that the sun's rays are kept firmly away from your skin. A day on the beach can provide much more than a tan. While you might be busy showing your body
UV Swimwear Can Keep Skin Problems Away
You should understand that uv swimwear can keep skin problems such as skin burns, skin chafing, skin aging, and even skin cancer away from you, and the best part is that you can now avoid these
Women Swimsuit to Attract Public Gaze and Detract Harmful UV Rays
A women swimsuit can enhance your plus points while hiding your minuses, but you should also pay heed to upf [ultraviolet protection factor] and spf [sun protection factor] ratings before you opt for
The Ladies Sun Hat - Looking Good and Feeling Good
A ladies sun hat has to tread a very fine line when it comes to catering to the demands of the market. They need to not only conform to the prevalent fashion trends but also be able to do so
The Mens Sun Hat - Looking Rugged and Staying Healthy
The mens sun hat is one of the most major protagonists in the dreams and fantasies that men have when they are kids. After all, there are very few men in this world who have not emulated some
The Packable Sun Hat - Carrying One Everywhere with Ease on Your Vacation
A packable sun hat is just what they are called. There are sun hats that can be packed without them getting ruined. The primary purpose of a sun hat that is packable is to be able to provide you
Sun Hats For Men - Be Adventurous and Spontaneous as Well as Safe Under the Sun
Sun hats for men should be your companion if you are going to spend time in the sun, regardless of what kind of activity you will be involved in or your location. You should know that men's sun hats
Sun Protection Hats Should Be Part of Your Sun Protection Regime
Sun protection hats have lately, become a major component of people's sun protection regime. People have gradually come to realize that just using sun screen is not enough and the use of sun screen
Sun Visor Hat - Why Do You Need One?
Ever wondered why a sun visor hat is so famous amongst adventurers, travelers and, basically, people who spend a lot of time outside?
Sun Visor Hats and Their Benefits
If you have never worn sun visor hats then it is likely that you are gambling with your looks, your health and even your life. The reason for this statement is the fact that medical experts advise
Toddler Sun Hat for Children
Do you use a toddler sun hat to keep your child safe or do you just allow him to romp in the sun without proper protection?
Wide Brim Sun Hat for Outdoor Activities
You must have seen a wide brim sun hat for the first time when you were a child in cowboy movies. The scenes of a cowboy lifting his hat with his gun after a particularly convenient shooting match
Safari Hat - Looking for a Hat to go on Safari
A safari hat is something that every guide would advise you to have and there is a very solid reason for it. You are advised to always carry a specific hat to safari expeditions, not because they look
SPF Hat - Going a Step Ahead of Sunscreens
The concept of a SPF hat is something that not many people in the world know about, unless they have consulted their doctors. SPF hats are sun hats that are specifically manufactured to protect you
UV Hat Review
A UV hat is very important if you wish to protect yourself from the negative effects of too much exposure to sunshine. The logic behind this is simply that sunshine contains a good deal of UV rays or
UV Hats Should be Part of Your Sun Protection Regime
UV hats should be a major part of any sun protection regime. This is a statement that you will receive from the majority of international doctors and ultra violet scientists. In a nutshell, the reason
Women Hats - Balancing Beauty with Functionality
Women hats are one of the most used and sought after accessories amongst the female community. Whether it is a floppy hat or something out of the Victorian era, it is likely that you are also on the
Why an Umbrella Hat is Suitable for a Senior Citizen
A good quality umbrella hat is needed by the elderly. When a person grows old, he becomes more susceptible to diseases and health problems. The reason for this is simply that wear and tear of age
Umbrella Hats - Keeping Your Hands Free
Umbrella hats are a wonderful way for people to keep their hands free. Have you ever seen a person trying to get through a tight space, carrying multiple things and juggling an umbrella to boot
Sun Gloves Protect Active People Outdoors
Considering sun protection clothing such as sun gloves can be useful tools toward protecting you against the dangers too much sun can cause.
Sun Protection Gloves Help Hikers Walk That Extra Mile
Sun protection gloves is the one which is often never considered by even the most avid and experienced hiker.
Sun Sleeve Arms Skateboarders With Proper UV Protection
Use of a sun sleeve is something escaping every avid skateboarder who enjoys as much time as possible pursuing their craft in the fresh air of outdoors.
Select an Outdoor Umbrella for Better Sun Protection
Choosing an outdoor umbrella to provide the necessary cooling shade and sun protection on a hot, summer day may seem a daunting task since there are so many from which to choose.
Outdoor Umbrellas Protect Summer Holiday Fun
Outdoor umbrellas can protect you and your loved ones when seeking fun-filled activity under the summer sun. Gathering with loved ones for an afternoon backyard barbecue is enjoyable.
Sun Umbrella Provides Shelter for Your Skin
A sun umbrella provides a comfortable spot to enjoy a cool beverage on a hot summer day. Sitting in the shade provided by a sun umbrella allows you to sip a cool, tall one while staying protected
What Makes Offset Patio Umbrellas Different
Offset patio umbrellas are different from a typically designed outdoor umbrella since it does not require a specialized table for its stand. An offset patio umbrella is supplied with a stand
Pool Umbrellas Keep Idle Swimmers Safe
Use of pool umbrellas with effective UV protection should be part of your conscientious health plan to make sure that you and your loved ones do not acquire skin damage
Sun Protective Apparel
Sun protective apparel is no rocket science (well almost) and it consists of the following:
Sun Pants
Sun pants are a great part of the sun protection clothing line as a whole. Even though you may be carrying a sun protection umbrella with you in order to cover your whole body, but
UV Outdoor Shirts
UV outdoor shirts are some of the most useful Sun protection clothing elements. These Sun protection shirts protect you and your upper body in particular, where your sunscreen just can't.
UV Pants
UV pants are an integral part of any Sun protection clothing set up or wardrobe. Naturally, it's quite difficult to protect your legs the whole time that you are outside under the Sun
Sun Protection Analysis
Sun protection and you, is all about sun protection and its related diseases and conditions. All efforts have been made to explain the benefits of UV rays blockage and Ultraviolet rays clothing usage.
Sunburn or Suntan
Sunburn or suntan, doesn't really matter because they're both dangerous and unhealthy for you and your skin. There is no such a thing as
Sun Protection Means Learning How to Protect Yourself from Head to Toe
Sun protection is serious business now and is available in many compounds, forms, shapes and sizes. Sun protection can be mainly categorized as follows
Sun Protection Matters, As the temperature rises, we all start to
The first step in sun protection matters is to understand the terminology used on sunscreen labels. Sunscreen typically has a sun protection factor (SPF) rating.
Summer is here so is the Sun. It is fast approaching, and with it ....
Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the warm sunshine. While spending time outside is a great way to stay active and enjoy the warmth of the sun,
Ultraviolet UV radiation is one of the most well-known environmental
Ultraviolet UV radiation is one of the most well-known environmental cancer-causing agents. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun or non-renewable
UPF50 clothing is specifically designed offer superior sun protection
UPF50 clothing is specifically designed to offer superior sun protection. While regular clothing can offer some protection against UV radiation, UPF50 clothing
Sun Protection at High Altitudes
Sun protection at high altitudes is a crucial aspect of maintaining healthy skin. However, many people are unaware that the risk of skin damage and skin cancer
sun protection while driving
Many people underestimate the amount of damage they can get from lack of sun protection while driving
sun protection clothing
Sun protection clothing is a type of clothing that is designed to protect the wearer from the sun's harmful UV rays. Unlike regular clothing, which may only
UV Clothing: The Ultimate Protection Against the Sun
More UV clothing designs and the increasing awareness about the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, people are becoming more conscious
UV Protection at the Beach
UV Protection at the Beach: Tips for Enjoying the Sun Safely The beach is a popular destination for many people during the summer months. It's a place where
Bicycle Helmet with Sun Protection
Bicycle helmet with sun protection should have a sun visor that can block the UV rays from the sun and protect your eyes and face. A sun visor can be attached
Nose guard for sun protection is an excellent choice for some people
Some people choose to use a nose guard for sun protection. A nose guard is a device that attaches to the bridge of glasses or sunglasses and covers the nose
Sun protection cream spf 50 is a type of sunscreen that can protect yo
Sun protection cream spf 50 is a type of sunscreen that can help protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
sun protection lotion spf 30 or higher will protect your skin to ...
Using a sun protection lotion spf 30 or higher is one of the most effective ways to protect your skin from the sun.
uv protection clothing is clothing that has been specially designed
uv protection clothing is clothing that has been specially designed or treated to block or absorb ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is the part of sunlight that
Sun protection basics are essential for everyone who wants to enjoy
Sun protection basics are essential for everyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors without risking skin damage or cancer. Sun exposure can cause premature aging
Sun Protection Swimwear for Babies A Comprehensive Guide
Sun protection swimwear for babies is clothing that has a high ultraviolet protection factor (UPF), which measures how much UV radiation the fabric blocks.
Sun protection swimwear for children is a topic that deserves attentio
Sun protection swimwear for children can help reduce the exposure to UV rays by covering more skin area than regular swimwear.
Sunscreen is a vital part of protecting your skin from the harmful ..
Choose a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection. This means that it blocks both UVA and UVB rays, which can cause sunburn, premature aging, and skin
Childrens sun protection swimwear is a type of clothing that protects
There are many types of childrens sun protection swimwear available in the market, such as rash guards, one-piece swimsuits, swim shirts, swim tights, and swim
sun protection swimwear is a type of clothing that protects the skin
Sun protection swimwear comes in various styles, colors, and sizes for kids of all ages. Some common types of sun protection swimwear are: Rash guards
patio furniture and sun protection : The benefits of having them
The best tips and tricks to maintain your patio furniture and sun protection
Eye Protection from the Sun The sun is a vital source of energy and
Eye protection from the sun means To protect your eyes from the sun's UV light, you should wear sunglasses and a hat whenever you are outdoors, especially bet
Sun protection clothing for kids is a type of clothing that blocks or
Sun protection clothing for kids comes in various styles, colors, and sizes. Some common features of sun protection clothing for kids are: UPF rating: UPF stan
kids sun protection clothing : a comprehensive guide
Use of Kids sun protection clothing is one of the most effective ways to shield children from UV rays
Sun protection for lips : why it matters and how to choose the right
Sun protection for lips is essential since sun exposure can cause dryness, cracking, inflammation, and even skin cancer on the lips.
Sun Protection Hats for Women: A Guide to Choosing the Best One
To help you find the best sun protection hats for women, here are some examples of popular and highly rated ones that you can buy online
Best Sun Protection Cream: A Comprehensive Guide
Not even best of best sun protection cream is created equal. Some may offer inadequate protection, while others may contain ingredients that can irritate or harm your skin.
Sunglasses for sun protection is a simple step to take towards health
The best sunglasses for sun protection go beyond UV protection. They should also be comfortable, stylish, and should fit your lifestyle. For instance, if you

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