A Newcomer to Kids Swimwear

by Kelly
(Shelby Twp, MI, Macomb, USA)

My son is now in kids swimwear sizes, which is great for bargain hunting and variety in looks and styles.

The down side is the fact that he can slide the swimsuit off easier without a diaper holding it up.

On more than one occasion he has decided to slip off his swim trunks and streak, with me chasing not so far behind him, swimwear in hand.

It is not such a problem in the back yard where the only people that can see are directly related to him; it is in public that I worry about.

It seems that these days people are constantly warning you about other people around your children. Like there is someone lurking around every corner therefore I feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

There have been three separate occasions that he has decided to strip down and let everything hang out. The most recent was in Disney World.

We were playing in the resort pool when he announced he had to potty and off came the flowered pattern board shorts I had bought him especially for the vacation.

I then had to explain to him that it is not appropriate public behavior to drop your pants wherever you please, yet again. This, by the way, is great to explain to a three year old.

The other times the kids swimwear was just too wet for him to continue wearing and off they came. I sometimes wonder if it is just a boy thing or if they purposely make kids swimwear easy to discard to give post-potty training Moms more to worry about.

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