Almost Missed it

by Teresa
(Ste. Anne Manitoba Canada)

I had a mole on my left upper shoulder. I noticed it growing and getting dark. I was showing it to my husband and he suggested I get it looked at.

Made an appointment with Dr. Fredette and the next day he cut it out and kind of give me heck. Well I can't tell you how nervous I was waiting for results.

I got my husband to take a picture of it and I looked at it on my computer enlarged. A few years ago I had stage two cervical cancer and had to have a hysterectomy.

I thought here we go again, anyway to go back to the picture it was unreal how it showed the outer edges spreading. I looked it over I don't remember how many times.

The results came back and my Dr. said it's stage 3 melanoma. I almost dropped the phone. We are foster parents and thought who is going to raise my special children.

I have to pull through this. I went to the hospital and they took out a big chunk on my shoulder and I thought take my arm I don't care as long as it saves me.

Well after two years I am still doing well thank GOD. I owe everything to him. Please stay strong and be as positive as you can. We are only here until god is willing. God Bless You All.

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