Beach House

by Kristina

I can remember some stories about swimming suits that I know I should share and other maybe I should keep quite on.

But at the end of the day, everyone has something that they wish they might not have done while in a swimsuit.

My day came when I decided to walk around in the back yard in my swimsuit while it was raining.

I thought it was going to stop so I just kept on playing outside, but that did not happen.

And it did not happen soon. So I ended up being outside for over an hour in the mud and dirt while it rained because I locked myself outside.

From this day forward I knew that swimsuits were not for me because I just have not had luck in them.

Literally, not a drip. That's all I had to give when I got in the house, a drip of mud through my house and onto the carpet and rugs all the way to the shower.

So much for those types of swimming suits.

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