Birthday Present

by Lensky
(Richmond, VA, USA)

This story just happened last year December 17, 2007.

It was my nephew’s 8th birthday party. He was very excited at that time since he could get to play with other kids.

They had a lot of fun and enjoyed a very memorable time.

But may be a not so funny thing happened when they wanted to play the balloon pump game.

There was a little cute baby girl who attended that game and she actually attempted to pump the balloon 3 times.

But since she had no luck, she started to cry and went to her mother pointing to the balloon that wasn't pumped.

I felt bad for the little kid, but I think her mom made her feel better.

There was also a game for the parents. The game was named “Play the balloon as a ball”.

The instruction is that the MC or the person in charge will order you to dribble the ball or pass it to number 5 or shoot the ball.

There were a lot of games and everybody was having fun and enjoying the party.

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