Easy Mohs Surgery

by Patsy
(New Orleans, LA, USA)

A mole near my upper left lip was beginning to grow and to change shape. Much as I avoid going to the doctor, I had two young nieces who'd had skin cancer and decided I better go check this one out.

I made an appointment at a dermatology clinic near my office. The doctor was young and hurried and I had to wait over an hour to see her. She diagnosed my mole right away as a probable basal cell carcinoma and took a sample to run tests.

I called each of my nieces and asked about their skin cancers. They had each had Mohs surgery and recommended it highly to be sure that the cancer cells are all removed in one visit. I went online to look at pictures and gather more information.

A few days later, the doctor called to confirm that my mole was indeed cancerous and that it should be removed. She was ready to transfer me to the receptionist to make my next appointment when I began asking her several questions.

She could barely contain the irritation in her voice when I asked

(1) What would happen if I did nothing?
(2) What kind of scarring can I expect?
(3) Is Mohs surgery the best option?

She was reluctant to recommend Mohs surgery but I continued to ask about it and came to my own vocal conclusion that it was the best option. She finally gave me the name of a doctor (in the same building!) who is qualified to perform Mohs.

The surgery was quick and painless. The new doctor was wonderful, concerned, and caring, and explained everything to me that was going to happen. I didn't have to wait one minute extra for my appointment.

The facilities were clean and bright and beautiful. The doctor removed all the cancer cells on the first try. I went back for a follow-up visit and even the doctor was proud of the healing. What scars exist are in the shape of a small T and fit within the wrinkles in the corner of my mouth.

The learning for me is to take charge of your own health, get opinions, go online, do your research and make the choices that seem the best to you.

Pathology And Genetics of Skin Tumours (IARC WHO Classification of Tumours)

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