Favorite Computer Games

by Jean
(Morristown, AZ, USA)

My four-year old granddaughter visits often and we have searched the Internet to find games that were appropriate for her age that we could play together.

Her favorite is Mancala, played with little animated snails. She is just learning to count so this is a great game for her.

It has different levels, with tips for playing at each level. This is a counting game, originally from Africa I believe.

This game holds her interest for quite a while and it’s fun for me, too.

I have been teaching her that she has to think ahead instead of just clicking the mouse.

So now, she stops and thinks before clicking to figure out how many snails are going to hop into her jar and how many are going to end up on the other side.

I can just see the little wheels turning in her head.

I think this is a great game for pre-schoolers. It’s fun while it teaches counting skills as well as thinking skills.

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