Fiasco with Kids Swimwear

by Jason H.
(Sturgis, MI, USA)

My sister and I had decided to take the kids to King's Island in Cincinnati Ohio last summer.

Somehow I had forgotten to pack the kids swimwear. So we made a stop at a “super” store on the way down.

Figuring that we all had swimsuits at home, we just picked up whatever fit. Once we got to the hotel the first thing the kids wanted to do was hit the pool.

So we all put our new suites on and headed down to the pool. The problem was, after about a half an hour in the water, the kids swimwear literally started to unravel.

The bottom of my youngest daughter's suite was sagging so low it slapped against her thighs when she ran.

My oldest daughter had to tie up the shoulder straps to keep her chest covered. The seams were unraveling and you could even see the die running off the suites.

I was so irritated!

I know we did not pay a lot for them, but this was ridiculous. Of course, when I tried to return them, we were refused because the suites were “used”.

Even though the die was staining the customer service counter and I had my receipts from the purchase not four hours before, I was turned away with that nasty look that says, “We have your money and you're never getting it back!”.

I will never shop for clothes at a “super” store again. It's like going to an animal rescue shelter looking for a pedigree. I mean, if they cannot get infant swimwear right, what else is wrong?

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