Finding a Good Use for My Sun Protection Umbrella

by Ardith
(Longmont, CO, USA)

I have always wanted a sun protection umbrella and I just happened to find one. It sold for a fair price and was just the color I wanted.

When I bought the sun protection umbrella, I had in mind, to place it on top of a wrought iron table that was sitting on my patio. I thought I would try it to see if it would work.

When I tried to place the umbrella in the middle of the table, I found that it was hard to drop into the opening because the table had to be tilted to make the umbrella fit; the umbrella stood too high.

I thought to myself that the sun protection umbrella did not make sense to be located on the patio because the patio had a roof; I did not need double protection, anyway.

However, I was determined to use the sun protection umbrella. I moved the table into the yard along with the umbrella.

This would have been fine except I had to take the umbrella down and move the table, chairs, and the umbrella each time I mowed the lawn.

I decided that the umbrella was not going to work, so I put the umbrella away until I could find a purpose for it. I did not want to give up the umbrella.

Later that year, I happened to see an umbrella stand that you fill with water, gravel, or dirt to give it weight. Now, I can take my Sun Protection Umbrella with me anywhere and I get more use out of it.

Patio umbrella

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