Great Kids Swimwear

by Madison
(La Jolla, Ca, USA)

Well to start off, I bought some of the kids swimwear from here, last winter, and boy was I the popular parent when I revealed these to the kids around April when it started to get warm enough for summer activities involving water.

Now don't get me wrong these are GREAT kid's swimwear suits, but I felt guilty getting such a quality product for so cheap!

I just wish I could have that feeling more often. Anyways, I thought I would tell you all about this kids swimwear.

The kids think it is comfortable, and their friends seem to think they look cool, and want a pair too!

Coming from a mother's stand point I also feel I should point out to anyone looking to pick up a pair of anything off the line of swimwear, it is durable and has no problem getting washed over and over again, from salt water to well water from the hose, they hold up.

No fading, no discoloration, no weak spots in the fabric, nothing. If anyone is teetering on the fence of decisiveness and whether or not to buy these, do not go any farther without hitting the add to cart button.

I have loved them, my kids have, and my wallet is quite happy too, not having to go on a steady diet of small bills, great birthday gift, or just general apparel change.

Great value, great quality, and they keep going without ever giving up. A buy and a half...

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