Hocus Pocus

by CubbyKatz
(New York, NY, USA)

As a child I used to enjoy tremendously playing games on my brand new computer, that computer had Windows 3.11 and about 500 MB of memory.

While it may sound like nothing by today's standards back in the late 90's that was an outstanding computer.

The first game I remember my mom buying for me was Apogee's "Hocus Pocus".

In it you play Hocus Pocus who is a young magician that wants to Lattice's Council of Wizards, and marry his girlfriend Popopa.

Unfortunately before Hocus Pocus can join the council and marry his girlfriend he is required to complete a long and arduous quest of gathering magical crystals for the wizard chief Terexin.

My mom only bought me the shareware version consisting of the first episode.

I managed to beat all nine levels in just a matter of days and had to spend the next several weeks begging her to buy the full version of the game for me.

I was so excited to see the next three world, and wanting to understand what the box meant by Terexin would appear before you as I kept imaging some sort of full motion video sequence.

Finally my mom relented and got me the rest of the game. I managed to beat these levels in a short time period as well without using any cheat codes.

Even with beating the game I still could not understand where Terexin appears before you, sure he is in the game in some places but he never appeared.

Finally years later I realized those were the appearances, as a game completely contained on one floppy disk could not handle any full motion video.

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