How Otis Gets the Job Done in SPF Clothing

by Jim
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)

My friend, Otis, shared his experience with wearing tee shirts and pants that have a SPF clothing rating of UPF 40-50+ (excellent range), which helps him bring his best basketball game to the court in the summer.

He always looked neat, clean and comfortable, yet his sweat seems minimal in comparison to the other guys on the court.

When they would take a break in the middle of the game, he would return to the game with his perspiration almost gone from sight.

He laughed and said, “it’s my cool cotton fabric that breathes and ventilates so I can concentrate on the game and not worry about my exposure to the sun and possible sunburn and skin cancer “.

I watched him run, jump, shoot and play with ease and even when he wore shorts instead of his traditional long gym pants, he was focused on winning and not the time in the sunlight or the heat and effects of the sun’s rays.

He told me that he even wore shorts that had a SPF clothing rating of UPF 40-50+. He also shared that he used a sunscreen with a SPF of about 30+ to protect any exposed to his nose, chest and legs.

Otis was most knowledgeable about SPF Clothing and creams because his dermatologist gave him a good education in self-protection in the outdoors for people with fair skin and who spend lots of time outdoors in the sun.

He knew the risks and took the appropriate care at all time when participating in outdoor activities.

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