I Am Allergic to the Sun!

by Scott
(Delaware, OH, USA)

All my life, I have dealt with a mild allergy to the sun. Every time I come outside in the summer, if the sun is shining, I sneeze.

Sometimes I sneeze repeatedly. My eyes will water until tears are streaming down my face too.

This allergy is very annoying.

I realize that others have it much worse than I do, with skin conditions etc.; however, during especially bad reactions, I have sneezed until a nose bleed resulted. I would not wish this allergy on anyone.

It seems to be worse during the summer months, when the sun's rays are strongest.

However, in the winter months, I will react the same way, especially while driving.

When the sun is setting in the winter and the rays are directly in my face while driving, I will sneeze.

I do not know what this allergy is all about really. My doctor said it’s just a reaction by my body and there are no medications to prevent the sneezing reaction at all.

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