I Lost My Best Friend

by Kim

My best friend, beautiful Kathy, was diagnosed with skin cancer.

She had a mole on her stomach and had it removed. Months later another showed up.

They removed it but felt they hadn't gotten it all. They called to ask her to come in once again.

It was getting towards holiday season and she didn't want to bother anyone about it. She wanted us to think she was cancer free and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

She went into a deep denial. The doctors kept calling her urging her to come back in. They even sent letters. She never returned their calls.

She didn't even open their letters. We found them unopened in a stack of mail after her passing

After the holidays she became sick with what we thought was the flu, but she wasn't getting better.

She became so sick she could barely walk and there was blood in her urine. Her sister rushed her to the Doctors.

They admitted her immediately. She had a tumor the size of a baseball in her groin area.
She had been hiding this from everyone.

By the time she was admitted it was too late. The cancer had taken over her body.

She died 11 days later.

I never left her side. Those 11 days in the hospital, watching a vibrant beautiful young woman with so much ahead of her, waste to a mere 80 pounds and loose consciousness and slowly slip away will be some of the most painful days of my life.

Words can not explain. I miss by best friend, my beautiful Kathy. My life has never been the same.

This was possibly avoidable. PLEASE be sure to wear sunscreen, see your doctors when you suspect something and encourage those around you as well.

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Malignant Melanoma Skin Cancer

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