I Love Swim Shirts

by Summer
(Maine, USA)

Living in a coastal state, like I do, my family spends a great deal of time at the beach. From mid-spring through early fall we spend most of our free time out by the lake or ocean.

With the salt, sand and dangerous ultra violet rays, having a quality swim suit is not a luxury, it's essential.

This is where I find swim shirts to be so helpful! They're gender neutral and give protection above and beyond a traditional swim suit.

I like to wear one over my regular swim suit so that I have coverage on my shoulders and back where it can be difficult to adequately cover my skin in sunscreen.

This has saved me from many a painful sun burn! My son started wearing one as an infant, for ease of wear, and I loved that it helped me to protect his skin without putting chemicals on his little body.

My son is now four years old and still wears a swim shirt every time that we go to the beach or lake. We own several in a variety of colors to suit his mood.

I love that it helps me to keep his sensitive skin protected without me having to chase after him with sunscreen or basic tee-shirts.

He loves that it looks “cool” and has told me he looks “like a surfer”. So sweet!

Each swim shirt is easy to wash and holds up well to repeated use and washing. These are worth every penny and then some!

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