Indoor Games -- Color Dominoes

by Anonymous

This is a fun game to play indoors when it’s too hot to go outside.

You can make this homemade game from a few household materials and it can be saved to play numerous times.

You will need:

> 36 rectangles of heavy cardboard 1” by 3”;
> construction paper in red, yellow, blue, orange and purple;
> white school glue; scissors; and clean adhesive paper to preserve the game (optional)

How to make the game:

Draw a line down the middle of each card. On each side of the line, glue on colored construction paper, using all color combinations.

For example:

One card could be red/red
Another could be red/orange OR
green/blue OR
even blue/blue

Cover each card with clear adhesive paper to preserve game if you wish.

How to play the game:

Turn all cards color side down.

Have each player choose seven cards and put the rest into the middle of your playing area.

Each player turns over her cards.

One player begins by placing one of her cards in the center of the play area.

Each player take turns adding one card that matches in color to either end of the cards already in the center.

If a player cannot match either end, she must continue to draw a card from the center pile until she can put one down.

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