Infant Swimwear
Everything Needed for Baby's First Day at the Beach

by Sarah
(Superior, WI, USA)

Summer is a wonderful time in my home town. Living in the northern part of the country typically involved months of frigid winter weather that chips away at the resolve of the townspeople.

After my daughter was born, I was excited to enjoy the hot summer days with my baby girl. The local swimming beach was the best place to be on a warm summer day and I wanted to make sure my daughter had her share of fun in the sun.

I eagerly set out acquiring my summer supplies in the spring from the local store. I had many questions being a first time mom.

I can’t say that I ever paid much attention to sunscreen before, but now that I had my bundle of joy to protect I was all ears at the pharmacy.

The pharmacist was kind enough to explain to me that my daughter would need protection from UVA and UVB rays and what each level of SPF meant.

I purchased two different kinds at maximum strength protection and carried on with shopping.

Next I purchased one of those adorable floating rings with a pony head and tail on it. My pumpkin would look so cute sitting in it while splashing in the water.

The water toy warnings were quick to tell me that this was not a flotation device and would not prevent drowning.

Not wanting to take any chances, I stopped by the local boating store and purchases a personal flotation device specially designed for a baby.

It was a little expensive for my budget but I did not want to take the chance of something happening in a split second and not being prepared.

Finally I was off to find the perfect baby swimsuit. The local clothing store had an infant section, but when I asked the clerk where the baby swimwear was located, she didn’t think they had any.

Disappointed I traveled to the next town over and again inquired about infant swimwear. This time I was able to find a selection of a few, but all appeared to be oversized and in hideous colors.

Dismayed I traveled home and told my husband of my dismay. He suggested I look on the Internet for something. I was able to find the most adorable pink polka dotted baby swimsuit for my daughter online.

It was shipped quickly to my door and by the weekend my gorgeous baby girl was the highlight of the beach.

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