Jungle Jigsaw

by Vennessa
(El Paso tx)

One of my cousins favorite games is ZooKazoo Jungle Jigsaw from yahoo, he plays it all the time.

I don't see how he can sit there for hours playing it without getting tired or teary eyed.

It is a great game though to build his skills and it really isn't just a game but he can learn from it too.

It's so great he is into computer games instead of those more aggressive games for the play stations and things like that.

This way he can stimulate his mind as well as have a great time.

Every child should be able to have so much fun without being brain washed into thinking that violence is normal.

With this game he can work his mind to figure out where each piece goes and then when he solves the puzzle it is a great little musical scene.

The characters start to dance and play a really cute tune. He loves to get up and scream "I did it, I did it!" and then he starts to dance too.

That really is a great site to see that he enjoys it that much.

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