Kids Swimwear
Find it Online or in Store

by Jana
(Forsyth, GA, USA)

Swimwear for children can be a difficult proposition. Sizing is variable and quality is too.

Shopping in store so that you can try on is a great bet, but some websites offer swimsuit sales that can useful, especially if you are already familiar with the brand.

For me, what’s most important in kids swimwear is sun protection, so I choose swim shirts of a surfer style along with bikini bottoms (my daughter won’t stand for swim shorts – she says they make her look like a boy).

I look for a high SPF value and buy two to three sets. However, I am not afraid to pick up kids swimwear at a discount store for my daughter to run through the sprinkler or engage in muddy lake-style swimming in, too.

I try to choose a size that is a little big on her so that she can grow into it throughout the summer, especially if the shirt is higher priced.

To me, a very important part of choosing swimwear is choosing a hat. I like a hat with a firm bill, like a baseball hat, because those cute sun-hats tend to get into her eyes, especially while she is active.

Finally, as my daughter is a pre-schooler, I look for unique designs and colors so that I can always spot her in the pool easily.

She may be unhappy with this when she gets older, but it increases my peace of mind. Next year, I may opt for monogramming her swimsuits to add a fancier touch, especially because our suits are so worn out that we can’t pass them on to others.

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