Kids Swimwear

by Grace
(Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

I met and married my husband in Des Moines, Idaho, and we lived happily there for two years.

But when I told my husband, Jeff, that I was pregnant with our first child, Luke, he, after joyful celebration, settled down and began to scan the realty ads for a place to move to in Santa Barbara, California, about a thousand miles away from our home in Idaho.

His reason? He refused to raise our children in a home where the ocean was more than a block away.

And so we moved to Santa Barbara, and our two children, Luke and Molly, learned to swim almost before they could walk.

I remember the many days in summer when Jeff would take the kids to the beach at eight in the morning, after two hours of their begging, and the trio wouldn't return home until it was dark.

Family vacations, daily outings, play dates with other kids, all of the fun we ever had took place on the beach or in the waves.

So, like play clothes are an important investment for kids who like to dig in the backyard and climb trees, swim wear became our biggest investment in keeping the kids well-dressed and well-covered.

When Luke began competing in swimming competitions at age 8 and the coach said he needed something light and streamlined, while at the same time Molly was becoming a fashion-conscious diva at the ripe old age of 6, I was rescued by Kids Swimwear.

Offering cute and age-appropriate designs for kids of all ages, as well as great sporty styles, Kids Swimwear is my go-to resource for keeping my kids covered in the surf.

And unlike many other lines, kids swimwear items don't get bleached by sun or chlorine; they hold up beautifully to even large amounts of exposure. Just one more ingredient that makes the summer sweet.

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