Kiss My Face Organic Sunscreen

by Sarah

I have extremely fair skin that burns easily from the sun and gets irritated easily from many creams and lotions.

I often get a rash when trying a new product, so choosing the correct sunscreen is a tough chore to me. I dislike putting chemicals onto my body, so I try to stick to organic body products.

Recently, I took a trip to Jamaica. I was concerned that I would end up getting severe sunburn. I used Kiss My Face Organic Hot Spots Sunscreen for the face and neck during my vacation.

It has a spf of 30. I chose this sunscreen because it is:

• Organic
• Providing both UVA and UVB protection
• Fragrance free
• Water resistant

My skin did not react to this sunscreen, so I used it throughout my vacation.

When applying this organic sunscreen, it feels like a regular moisturizer. It is not sticky and easily rubs into your skin.

After applying it, my skin looks normal. It is not shiny or anything. Although the sunscreen is water resistant, I reapplied it after going into the pool or ocean.

I applied it two to three times per day since sunscreen typically only lasts six to eight hours. I did not break out as a result of using this sunscreen.

I spent seven days in Jamaica and had a slight tan by the time I left. I was very pleased that I did not get sunburn.

If you want to choose an organic sunscreen that is effective and affordable, I recommend Kiss My Face Organic Sunscreen.

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