Little Swimmers Infant Swimwear

by Samantha
(Monterey, CA, USA)

I attended several classes in preparation for my new baby. None of them covered babies and water play.

Living in a resort city, I’m surrounded by water activities. I knew there was a good chance that I’d be taking my little one to the beach, the water park or swimming classes. But it didn’t occur to me to purchase any swim gear ahead of time.

So when I had the chance to go to Kings Dominion, I had to run to Wal-Mart for sunscreen, protective clothes and infant swimwear.

I love Wal-Mart but so does everyone else and I only had one option for infant swimwear. The Huggies Little Swimmers were fairly reasonable, about $9 for a pack of 20.

I got the smallest size available but the weight listed was still more than my little one weighed. When I got home, I took them out of the pack and tried them on.

They were a bit big but not terribly so. The Little Nemo print was pretty cool.

For some strange reason, the manufacturers of infant swimwear did not feel inclined to include any instructions or directions.

So I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. I did what I always do in those situations and Googled it. Good thing too.

The helpful parents that review these things informed me that the little bow (part of the print) goes in the front and most importantly, these are not diapers! They will not hold urine.

As a tip, I put the Little Swimmers on over the baby’s diaper on the way there and just took it off upon arrival.

Supposedly they will hold poop but none of the reviewers actually had kids that pooped in the water and neither did my little one.

In case you were wondering if these are an absolute necessary purchase, the answer is yes. The signs at the water park, and the Y and the pool all state that infant swimwear must be used.

Apparently wet diapers soak up water and get bloated and heavy. Overall, I was very satisfied.

They fit well enough, were cost effective (I still have like 10 left) and allowed me to take my water baby everywhere.

Because they are so much like diapers, you can use protective clothing and sunscreen as you normally would.

I put sunscreen wear needed and the Little Swimmers layered well under the rest of the clothes used for sun protection.

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