Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

by Ivon
(Kansas, USA)

Mohs skin cancer surgery is a specialized form of skin cancer treatment.

Mohs skin cancer surgery is very effective for large tumors, tumors that have recurred after other treatments have been given and tumors in areas such as the face, which require preservation of normal, healthy skin.

Skin cancer may appear as an enlarging growth, a sore which bleeds or will not heal, or a changing mole.

Skin cancer can be deadly, but nearly all skin cancer can be treated if it is detected and diagnosed early.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is used to remove skin cancers that grow by direct extension in the skin and can be recognized under the microscope.

In most cases, the surgery to stitch up the wound is done following the excision and you return home the same day.

The Mohs surgery method offers the highest potential cure rate – up to 95% -- for skin cancer.

The good news is that Mohs surgery addresses both the removal of the skin cancer, and the cosmetic result of the skin cancer surgery, by requiring the surgeon to take the smallest area of skin possible.

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