Monopoly by Candle Light

by Joshua

I'll always remember the long, late hours my family and I stayed up playing Monopoly.

We were poor so we didn't have video games or many toys.

I think it was also a great way to learn a little money management and financial risk assessment!

I remember one particular cold, winter night when I was about 12, our power went out so we played Monopoly by glowing candle light.

As the young banker, I was feeling quite adventurous and sneaky, so I stole a few bills from the tray and I got caught!

My parents scolded me, but then they gave in and laughed about it later.

Maybe Monopoly taught me a few lessons on the dangers of embezzlement!

I think it is a little sad that now there are all different kinds of Monopoly games like electronic Monopoly.

Kids these days need to learn how to count money and I think the game helps!

I will take great delight when the day comes that I get to play with my grandchildren.

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