My Brother's Experience with Mohs Surgery

by Dee Irene
(Canton, OH, USA)

In April of 2004 my brother discovered a red bump on his back that wouldn’t fully heal and was scaly. After a few weeks he decided that it was time to see his dermatologist.

After examining him, his dermatologist told him he had squamous cell carcinoma and recommended that he see a skin cancer specialist who specialized in Mohs surgery.

Mohs is a micrographic surgery and is done under local anesthesia. The surgeon removes skin layer by layer and each layer is biopsied while you’re in the office.

The procedure continues until a layer of skin comes back cancer free. This was the procedure that was recommended to my brother by the skin cancer specialist and his dermatologist.

After doing some research on Mohs and discovering that it is the most effective skin cancer surgery with a cure rate of 98%. And the most state-of-the-art skin cancer surgery offered today, my brother decided to go ahead and make an appointment to have the procedure done.

He is very pleased with the results. Within a week of having the procedure done there is no noticeable scaring from the surgery and most importantly he is now cancer free.

If you or a loved one is faced with the difficult decision of how to remove a squamous cell carcinoma, I would recommend talking to a specialist about Mohs.

In my opinion it is the best choice when it is an option for your treatment. The results my brother had from the surgery were amazing.

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