My Experience with Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

by Michael

I underwent Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery last April to remove a basal cell carcinoma from the left side of my nose and a squamous cell carcinoma on the right side.

The procedures were done in an outpatient clinic by my dermatologist who specializes in skin cancer surgery. I spent a whole day at the clinic while the physician removed the skin cancers a little at the time.

All of this was done under a local anesthetic. As he removed portions of the cancer tissue, the specimens were sent next door to a lab to be checked.

This procedure was done three times during the day until all of the tissue came back cancer-free. Once the Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery was complete, I had two large holes in my nose.

I was sent home with a large bandage across my nose and cheeks with a referral to see a plastic surgeon the next day.

The next morning, I went to my appointment with the plastic surgeon who explained what the procedure would involve to reconstruct the sides of my nose.

The surgery was scheduled for the next morning, also in an outpatient clinic. The surgery was done under general anesthesia.

The procedure involved making slits in the skin beside my nose and moving the skin over to fill the holes that had been left by the Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

The slits in my skin were made in natural lines in the skin and now that they have healed, it is hard to tell that anything had been done to my face.

All of the evidence of the surgery is almost gone except for a line on my right nostril which continues to improve.

It has been eight months since the surgery and I am most pleased with the results. The plastic surgeon will follow up with me until I am completely satisfied with the appearance of the left side of my nose.

I believe that this surgery is preferable to the alternatives in such cases which can include extensive radiation treatments according to my physician.

This procedure enabled me to get rid of the skin cancers in a very short time and the recovery was fast.

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