My Experience with Swim Shirt

by Khayyam
(Big Flats, NY, USA)

I love swim shirts mostly because of the fact that I can still swim fast and stay comfortable while I'm swimming.

Before I started investing in proper swim wear, I would go through many clothing items that claimed to stay wet and light while I swim.

The problem is, most of my other shirts were cotton, and they would get wet and become very heavy.

Having heaving clothes and trying to perform a back stroke do not go together!

I then decided to dish out some money and bought myself some swim shirts. These shirts are awesome.

Even when they get drenched with water, they stay light and let me swim fast.

Another thing I invested in was swim trunks, these were even better because as a pro swimmer, I know that one of the most important limbs to a swimmer are your legs.

If you wear just regular cotton shorts while you swim, then they get really heavy, and there is this sort of drag effect that happens which prevents you to be swift.

I also got annoyed with having heavy shorts, so I invested in some swim shorts, and sure enough, I was really pleased!

I also suggested to many of my friends to invest in this great technology, the great part is, this swim wear isn't even that expensive.

And the results that follow it are unquestionable. Most of my friends were suffering from the same problems that I was suffering from.

Then I told them to invest in swim shirt, instantly they were satisfied. Even in swimming competitions, I rely on this clothing to keep me going fast, and to keep me swimming fast.

I also love the style and many colors they come in!

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