My Family's Favorite Organic Sunscreen

by Kylie
(Akron, OH, USA)

I didn’t give sunscreen much thought when I lived in Ohio. I bought whichever name brand was on sale and used it during the spring and summer when my family and I would participate in any outdoor activities.

But when we moved to Florida and started using sunscreen daily I started to think about the ingredients that my family was being exposed to daily. It turns out there were chemicals in our sunscreen that aren’t recommended for children.

I did a little online research on organic sunscreen. I found that Jason Sumbrellas had lots of positive reviews. I decided to give it a try.

We are a family of fair haired, fair skinned people so I was hoping that this organic sunscreen could perform as well as the sunscreen that was loaded with chemicals. I was very impressed.

After a day at the pool I was hooked on Jason Sumbrella’s organic sunscreen. My entire family liked it much better than the other sunscreens we used in the past.

It was much longer lasting. When we got out of the pool we could still feel the sunscreen on our skin. That wasn’t true of the previous brands we had used.

We now use Jason Sumbrella’s daily. We apply it 30 minutes before we’ll be exposed to the sun. We are protected from the sun’s harmful rays and now we’re also protected from the potentially harmful chemicals that are found in some other sunscreens.

And now I don’t have to convince my children to apply their sunscreen. They actually do it willingly.

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