My Horrible Story

by Tom

One time, my friend and I went to the beach. He was allergic to the sun, so he had to bring his special suntan lotion.

Anyways, once we arrived, we spent the entire day on the beach. He continued to put on his lotion to prevent a breakout.

He ended up using his entire tube. We were planning on heading home, but when we were about to leave, our car would not start.

We were forced to spend the night until a ride could come and pick us up.

The next morning, my friend did not have any lotion and when we had to leave the hotel, he was wearing a hat, scarf, long sleeve shirt, and jeans in the sunny weather.

As our luck would have it, our ride got a flat tire on the drive over, so while we expected our ride to arrive within ten minutes, our ride arrived two hours later.

My friend and I stood out in the sun waiting. Eventually, when I looked at my friend, he had sweat stains everywhere!

Luckily, though, he avoided a breakout and we arrived home safely.

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