My Memories on Board Games

by Vijay Murali
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

When I was a kid, I was very much involved in many board games. Some of which I still find very interesting.

One of the games that first took me into this was Snake and Ladder where there can be a max of 4 players.

Each player rolls the dice and goes a place where he might stay or climb a ladder or be bit by a snake and climb down.

Another game was that of Ludo. Two more board games which really interested me were Monopoly and scrabble.

Monopoly is a game involving fake money with which you need to carry transactions across the board with the bank or sometimes amongst the players.

The players roll the dice and move to a place where they might buy or lose in rent.

Scrabble or Literati is a game which will help in building a child's vocabulary and also develop their knowledge.

Hence I advise all kids to develop interest in playing board games and have lots of fun!

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