My Mohs Surgery Story

by Allison
(Houston, TX, USA)

I have always had skin problems. I was never a sun-worshiper and used sunscreen when I remembered. I never tanned, much less used tanning beds.

But I wasn't all that surprised to find out that three moles on my back looked abnormal, and needed to be removed and biopsied.

I went in to my appointment, sat on the cold hard table, and bent over into a nurse nearly screaming in pain as they began to cut, and then burn pieces of my flesh off.

The wounds were horrendous, and took nearly 2 months to completely heal. I used scar cream three times a day, loose clothing to not irritate the areas, and couldn't sit comfortably in a chair.

Now I wait for the results. This took nearly three months. My first results got mixed up with someone else's. This is why I never went back to that particular office.

They had to send them off again, and it took even longer. The results came back as negative, thank goodness.

The time and effort were not worth it, and my back is now riddled with scars that won't go away, no matter what treatment I try.

About two years later, back for my regular checkup at a different dermatologist, they decided that they wanted to check on a small mole on my cheek.

All I could think was the previous surgery and all my difficulties resulting from it. I told my doctor of my concerns and he referred me to a Mohs skin cancer surgery specialist.

I went and spoke with him, and his procedure sounded wonderful compared to what I had been through previously!

Long story short, I had the procedure and I could not be happier with the results. My results were instant! No horrible waiting period.

The procedure was so much less invasive, and I do have a can see it if you look very carefully! Even if I don't have makeup on!

I was so worried my face would end up looking like my back!

I could not be a happier client!

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