My Speedo® Becoming a Second Skin

by Jemmer Pablo
(San Jose, CA, USA)

My Speedo® swimming trunk fits very well on my frontal and behind.

Its color is black as I always like that color which goes along with my goggles which is also black and also from Speedo®.

When I wear it, I feel very sexy and like to walk down the isle to the swimming pool where I know there are people watching me.

I like my Speedo® swimming trunk especially when it’s wet because it attaches itself to my skin as if it becomes my second skin.

True to some, I have become narcissistic lately and wearing this swimming trunk complements what I believe in myself.

Since it becomes as a second skin when it is wet and under the water, swimming becomes lighter and speedier compared to other trunks I wore before.

The Speedo® swimming trunk really does the job and I am simply proud of it.

I always tell my friends to buy the same so that they can experience what I feel for this swim wear.

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