Need Sun Protection

by Bane
(Maui, HI, USA)

There are a great many things that people neglect or don’t even consider when they are young that become very valuable to life as an adult.

It seems that one thing that is overlooked towards the beginning of your life and gets really important as you get older is how you take care of your skin. I personally have had an experience that was actually really bad, but taught me well to take care of my skin.

Because I live in Hawaii, sun protection is pretty important and yet even here it is sometimes neglected. I once went to a camp that took place on the beach in order to help the kids there. It was only for three days, but I neglected the fact that I needed sunscreen.

I was burned really badly and could not sleep. My feet were burned as well, so putting on shoes was also a pain. Not to mention that while my skin was beginning to peel I suffered from being extremely itchy.

So now I put on sunscreen every day in the morning and afternoon. It has helped a lot, and works well for me. It also helps that I found a sunscreen specifically to help me with my acne as that has become a problem.

This was a really interesting experience that I will not forget, although I wonder what else I have missed that I will learn about as I get older that is also important for helping me take care of my skin, besides sun protection.

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