Organic Sunscreen is the Best

by Steven
(Jacksonville, FL, USA)

My life was changed forever when my wife passed away from Malignant Melanoma. For the past three years or so, I have been doing a lot of research about skin problems and preventions.

I have also been trying to pass on the knowledge I received from all the reading, mostly to family and friends whenever possible.

All skin conditions are different: some are easy to prevent and treat, some are not easy, unfortunately. The worst thing you could do to your skin is long and direct exposure to the sun because that is usually the main factor in most skin problems.

That is why everyone should use sunscreen on a daily basis. The key is to make sure that you pick the right one.

It should be suitable for completely blocking the sun from your skin whenever you are doing any activity outdoors. Make sure to read the description carefully.

You need to understand the importance of UVA and UVB protection, SPF Value and whether or not it was designed for your particular activity. For example, it should be waterproof if you intend to do something in the water.

Regardless of brands, I generally prefer the organic sunscreen type, and I highly recommend it. I believe that it is the best for both my skin and for the environment.

I use organic sunscreen almost every day and use a particularly heavy amount when I go out surfing.

Recently, there have been more brands that produce organic sunscreen, so the products come in more varieties and forms, such as lotion, jelly-based, thick paint or stick. They are also available in different colors and scents.

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