Organic Sunscreen

by Olivia
(Oceanside, CA, USA)

My mother always taught me that what you put on your body is every bit as important as what you put in it.

At first, this was simply a lecture she gave six year-old me when she caught me rubbing toxic paint onto my face.

But eventually, it became a lesson in the importance of making good choices when purchasing personal care products, food, and other items one interacts with on a frequent basis.

I was raised in a home where high levels of chemical additives and other such man-made additions to products were taboo, and the dangers of factory-altered goods were well-publicized.

My parents frowned upon the purchase of anything that was not at least mostly found in nature, and I soon decided that this life was the life for me.

After years of comparing my friends’ metallic-smelling facial cleansers to my own that simply carried the smells of the herbs that comprised it, or seeing the pale reddish color of store-bought tomatoes compared to the rich red of those from my parents’ garden.

And so, when all of my friends now trot out their chemically-enhanced sunscreens and tanning oils during the summer months, I smile as I carefully apply my Organic Sunscreen.

Its ingredients are all-natural and pure, and provide excellent protection from the sun through methods provided by nature.

I always feel that both my health and my fair skin are helped by the pure but potent concoction of Organic Sunscreen.

And, while my friends all smell as though they took a dip in a vat of cleaning solution, my sunscreen makes me smell fresh and clean, a godsend in the oppressive heat.

Since my first experience with organic sunscreen, I have now chosen this product as the only sun protectant for me.

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