Scout for Life

by Alexandre
(Paris, France)

Well I think it was probably my brother’s twelfth birthday, which means I was just seven years old.

Some of my friends were here as well as his friends, since we were in the same school.

I think we played a whole afternoon, until night. We had to camp, and it was war in the garden.

Everyone had brought his favorite toy weapon.

Well, my brother and I were two boys. I hope we didn’t make too much noise.

I still remember my toy weapon, which was a small pistol in black and white that I could hide in my vest.

My brother decided that I’d be the scout of the army, since I knew the ground (or our own garden) fairly well.

I was to locate enemies in order to tell the troops where they were.

I really enjoyed that, and ever since, every time I did role playing games, even online, I took the "scout" class of character.

I think it was the last birthday we celebrated together, as two children. I don’t remember, though, if we ever won the battle. I guess we had several, actually.

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