Solar Film On My Windows Saves My Furniture, etc.

by Scott
(Delaware, OH, USA)

When our home was built back in 2002, we were told that our windows were Energy Star certified and had a uv protection window film applied to them to prevent UV rays from entering the house.

This film is supposed to help with your energy costs and also prevent fading of your curtains, furniture, and wall paint.

I have to say that it works really well. We have lived there for over 6 years and our curtains, sofas, and paint all still look new and fresh.

This is saying a lot too, as our home has TONS of windows and we decorate with vibrant colors too.

In our previous home, we had such a time with fading from the sun that we often kept our curtains closed.

In this house, however, we can keep the curtains open and let the sun spill in and brighten our little world with no fear of destroying our expensive household items.

I would definitely recommend getting windows with this solar film on them to anyone.

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