SPF Clothing
Style and Protection Meet

by Eva
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

When most people think about dressing for the summer they do not think about protecting themselves from the sun.

I have very fair skin and always burn when I am outside for a long period of time.

When planning a trip to Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago I decided to look up the best ways to protect my skin; a new concern brought to my attention from my cousin’s recent skin cancer diagnosis.

I found SPF (Skin Protection Factors) clothing tips, products and facts. I discovered that wearing shirts, sitting under umbrellas, and wearing hats are all ways to protect yourself and still have fun doing it!

SPF clothing tips also suggested to wear loose clothing and in light colors so that the sun isn’t as attracted to your body.

I went out and purchased SPF 30 (again VERY fair skinned); however, it’s suggested to use at least SPF 30 or UPF 50 Plus.

I then bought a swim shirt which was white with long sleeves because sun reflects off the water and the sand, so the more skin that is covered the better off you are.

The more SPF information I read I discovered skin cancer is not the only negative effect the sun can have on a person.

The sun’s UV rays can also harm your eyes and cause Macular Degeneration; which led me to purchase UV sunglasses.

Ever since I become aware of SPF and all the knowledge it comes along with I have become UV smart and always protect myself no matter what time of year, but never sacrifice style to do it.

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