SPF Clothing

by Suzanna
(Austin, TX, USA)

The first time I saw SPF Clothing I thought it was the greatest idea since sliced bread. I decided right there that I needed to get some.

I go kayaking quite often and I can put sunscreen on only once before I go out and have been burned several times on my shoulders, face and scalp.

The first article I got was one of their stylish SPF clothing hats.

Being out in the kayak I would get my scalp burned several times and I felt like I couldn't do anything about it because you can't put sunscreen on your hair. I love this hat.

I wear it in my kayak, when I go hiking, when I garden, and practically all summer long.

After the hat worked out so well I decided to invest in one of the SPF clothing shirts I had seen previously.

This one worked just as well as the hat and the majority of the time I was out in my kayak I was seen in my SPF clothing.

One time, I put on my sunscreen before going out in the kayak. I put the sunscreen on my face, my arms, and my legs.

I ended up losing track of time and I spent nearly 5 hours with my dogs out in the water kayaking up the river.

When I took a look at the damage the next morning the only places I got burned were on my legs and arms- the only places I wasn't wearing my SPF clothing.

It is one of the best purchases I have ever made and I plan on buying more when I need it.

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