Strawberry Shortcake Swimsuit

by Kelly Borntrager
(Milan, IN, USA)

This past summer, I bought my daughter an infant swimwear to play in her baby pool outside.

We went to Wal-Mart and bought a size 3T Strawberry Shortcake one-piece swimsuit for her.

My daughter is very small in size so I thought it would be fine for her because she wears a 3T, and usually the clothes are big on her.

When we got home, she immediately wanted to try it on and get into her pool.

When I put it on her (it was brand new and never been washed) the bottom did not cover her behind.

I let her swim in it, but she was constantly uncomfortable in it. Anytime she lifted her arms, the swimsuit would go up further.

Eventually, I switched her into just a pair of shorts and T-shirt until I could take her bathing suit back and get a new one.

I was not impressed with this swimsuit at all. I did not even bother with getting the next size up because I was disappointed with it the first time and did not want to take the chance of being disappointed with it the second time.

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