Summer Dreams

by Duvessa
(El Paso, TX, USA)

Last summer I purchased my first home and started to decorate my back yard.

Just after I had finished it I realized that I would need some time of protection from the sun to enjoy my amazing garden.

Of course I did not want those awful tarps that you can roll out from your house and roll back up.

Those are just dreadful and of course not a net around my porch to protect against mosquitoes.

There is no way I was doing any of that so I went on a hunt for the perfect Patio umbrella.

I did the obvious and checked all the local shops and even the specialty shops in my town.

Unfortunately there was nothing that I liked at all. I eventually took my search to the internet and found the perfect patio umbrella.

I purchased the Savoy Umbrella which is a beautiful antique green and golden scroll work. To match it I bought a great black iron scroll work table set.

I could not have asked for anything more. As for the mosquitoes I just bought some candles that are repellent.

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