Summer Tradition

by Yawilda
(Virginia, USA)

In the Dominican Republic sun protection umbrella is very popular. It is very common to walk down the streets of Santo Domingo, the capital city and see many different women using sun protection umbrellas.

Moving to the United States, many of my family members continued this tradition. But they soon found out that in America not everyone has used or even seen a Sun Protection Umbrella.

On a particular day we went to a park near our house with my great aunt and great uncle. We planned to stay at the park a few hours and then go to lunch.

I always loved when my aunt took me and my sister out because she was always so funny. She has been through a lot in her life and always has the best advice.

But one thing about her is that she is very set in her ways. She cannot be convinced to try something new if she does not genuinely want to try it.

So we said goodbye to my parents and proceeded to walk to the park. As soon as the hot rays of the sun hit my aunt's forehead she pulled out her umbrella and proceeded to walk down the street with it.

Of course me and my sister were very embarrassed, as no one in our neighborhood used sun protection umbrellas.

But my aunt did not care about that, she was protecting her beautiful skin from the harmful UV rays.

We were careful to not see anyone we knew, and would quickly look away if we did.

A week later we went to the shopping mall and a lady complimented my great aunt on her youthful looking skin.

She looked down at me and said, "See this is why I protect my skin like I do."

After that day I would always look at my aunt's skin and she was so right. She continues to get compliments as she ages ever so gracefully.

Beach umbrella

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