Sun Allergy: Proper Diagnosis and Treatment is Important

by Seema Mishra
(Nagpur, Maharashtra, India)

I always used to wonder why I get rashes on my skin as and when sunrays become intense. That used to happen only when I went out and spent some time in direct sunlight.

Then I came through an article about sun allergy, so I consulted my doctor. I was lucky as it was at an early stage and would probably do quite less harm to me.

In fact these rashes even increase and they can become bumpy or hive-like, according to the doctor.

My dermatologist also said that it can affect anyone i.e., children and adults as well as men and women in the same way.

This is called PMLE, which is an abbreviation to Polymorphous Light Eruption.

It is not necessary that any rash that is red or bumpy will be PMLE so a simple blood test called an ANA i.e., antinuclear antibody test can be done for perfect diagnosis.

If the person is affected he will have to undergo some more tests and then treatment.

So even if it is in an early stage like that of mine, you must consult your dermatologist so that it can be treated as soon as possible.

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